Welcome to the launch of Solan’s Website!

November 18, 2014

This is a new addition to the business and we hope you will find it informative, learn a little about how and why we began, the range of work conducted on site and read about the services we offer to the Australian Potato Industry which can help you grow your business from supply of Certified Generation Zero Potato Mini Tubers, maintenance of In-vitro Potato Tissue to PBR Trial work.

For Us! – We find this a simple way to explain to the industry what we offer and  as the Solan website develops further, we aim to link in with other Potato Industry Stakeholders so that clients from all backgrounds have an informative site through which to access information to assist them with their business. Solan has been involved in the Australian Potato Industry for 22 years and is focused on improving and adopting new technologies so we can continue to provide clients with high quality services and product.