Our Team

Liteisha Lochert

Teish graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College/Adelaide University  with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Horticulture) in 1993 and spent many years working in the citrus industry in production and management.  She served as a board member on the State Citrus Board in South Australia and facilitated the transition to the new citrus industry body CASAR during this time. As a producer and exporter of citrus Teish has represented growers in international markets in the USA, Spain and Singapore. She also has propagation experience in olives with Agromillora.

Teish over sees management of all aspects of the facility and production processes with a focus on building strong connections with clients and industry. Teish seeks the adoption of new technologies to improve production efficiencies, provide continual improvement in the working environment for staff and a focus on long term sustainability and environmental awareness.  Teish became recognized as a QP in 2013.

Alison Frahm

Alison’s career commenced in the wine industry where she worked in laboratories in both the Barossa Valley and Riverland Wine Regions. Alison was involved in many aspects of wine Quality Control where her skill base included chemical and microbiological analysis of wines and juices, data entry and management of vintage laboratories and staff. These skills have been transferred across to her current position at Solan where Alison is laboratory manager. Her main role at Solan is coordinating tissue culture production to meet client and polyhouse planting requirements. Alison is responsible for maintaining the Solan Genetic Resource Centre varietal Collection for PBR and Public potato varieties. She collates details of tissue culture production and planting and tissue culture collection storage for each variety to assist Solan’s comprehensive tracking history.

Jake Trimble

Jake joined the Solan Team in 2015 in a leading role in the greenhouse nursery production area. Jake is a qualified electrician by trade and now greenhouse manager and oversees all greenhouse staff on a daily basis in the production nursery ensuring the rotations of planting and harvesting remain on track, monitoring irrigations, pest and diseases, plant sampling and guiding infrastructure upgrades with staff and contractors.