PBR Trial Work

As an Accredited Centralized Testing Centre for PBR Applications , Solan offers industry stakeholders a facility to conduct DUS Trials as part of the PBR Registration process. Varieties are prepared through cloning in the tissue culture laboratory and planted into the  production nursery into individual plots containing 60 plants (1 plant per pot), Plant assessment is conducted throughout the trial with an interim visit at flowering by a QP and Examiner from IP Australia and tuber assessment post harvest. All plots are divided with clear sheets of perspex, labelled and numbered. See below the document link for information on the PBR Application Process

PBR Part 1 and Part 2 Information Document – Download   This document has been compiled to provide information on the PBR Application process –  Part 1 along with the Part 2 Trial format, timing of trials and contact details for further information.