Water Sanitation and Filtration Systems on Greenhouse and Tissue Culture Laboratory

June 20, 2019
Silver Electrodes
Inline Silver Electrodes

All water that supplied to the greenhouse for irrigation purposes, the air conditioning system and general cleaning is filtered and then sanitized via a Silver Ionization system. This disinfects the water by treating algae, bacteria and other pathogens that can adversely effect the quality of the tubers. Silver ions are produced from the pure silver electrodes via an electrical current, these ions are released into the water flowing over electrodes. Installation if the initial silver system eliminated the breakdown of tubers in pots. An upgrade to better designed pods made to Solan’s specifications and higher quality silver rods improved this further. We have achieved more even wear of the silver rods providing excellent sanitisation of the water. Tests conducted on the potting mix post harvest reveal no pathogens detected.

Demineralising system:

Solan has always purchased demineralised water for the production of growth media for its tissue culture. Supply was inconsistent with suppliers therefore a demineralising system was purchased to enable staff to have a continual in-house supply. Testing of the water since the introduction of the IBIS System (image below) has shown it be lower in salts whilst growth of the plantlets has been superior. Supply issues through third parties has also been eliminated.